About Face the Date

There’s a lot of focus in the media these days about what divides our country. So why not help us do something amazing – and bring the country together! Let’s celebrate what we have in common by uniting communities across the country!

Our country has a great future ahead of us, but only if we are united. And we can all play a part in making that happen.

The idea for "Face the Date" is about bringing communities together to create very unique art project that will make a contribution to the Creative Case for Diversity and intends to mark the special date in UK history – 29th March 2019.

Our purpose

Our intention is to reach people in UK, build a collage of people's faces (showing diversity) and create in this way an amazing piece of visual art. In addition, this also is an official attempt to break the Guinness World Record for - “most contributions to a photo collage”.

“Face the Date” project will enable people to become part of extraordinary piece of art that never happened before in the UK history.

Once we have collected all pictures, which people will be uploading onto our online gallery, we will display the world's largest collage during 30th-31st of March 2019 as digital projections at the heart of Southampton city - The Bargate.

Photograph of the bargate which is where the event will be held

Get involved

We truly believe that project like this, "where there is a bit of humour" and strong mission behind "bringing people together" is very much needed in today's fast changing society...

“Face the Date” project will enable people to witness our multi-cultural country through an eye of our diverse collage and remind people to celebrate the beauty of the world and embrace diversity.

Be part of the history and join us by uploading your photo ....